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rock n roll

2002 rock and roll

rock and roll is the twentieth and last studio album by alternative rock group bad medecine


01.  [3.49]  twice / 21st [k/k, bello, rafa, robijn]            
02.  [6.23]  you’re a beautiful vampire [bello, k/k]            
03.  [7.12]  i wish [k, baistro/k, rafa, robijn]    
04.  [4.28]  love some special [k/k, rafa]    
05.  [5.12]  qva minerva [robijn/robijn, k, rafa, bello]
06.  [5.33]  spanish silences [k/k, rafa, bello, robijn]  
07.  [4.51]  hater [k, baistro/bello, k, robijn, rafa]  
08.  [5.04]  egypt [k/k]      
09.  [4.01]  bitch, stay out of my life [n’debe, baistro/n’debe] 
10.  [3.06]  only wishes [k/k, rafa, robijn, beast, bello]  
11.  [7.43]  the end of music [k, rafa, robijn, bello]            


Papa Beer : vocals + el guitars 
Bello : drums + percussion + backings
Robijn :  el & ac guitars + keyboards + backings
Rafa : keyboards + bass + backings

Lead vocals on ‘spanish silences’ by Robijn
Lead vocals on ‘i wish’, ‘hater’ & ‘bitch, stay out of my life’ by Baistro
Backing vocals and violin by Nairobi

Recorded at the mick studiós, Tèxord, January – April 2002
Produced by Rafa & Robijn
Engineered by Cas Jansze
Mixed at the Mick Studiós, Tèxord by Juan Sintillo
Released at Myzelf music inc. July 2002


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